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Non-profits face particular opportunities and challenges in today's world, and having the chance to improve teamwork, plan carefully, and surmount obstacles will enhance the organization's ability to make a difference. 
Leadership Team Retreat

Retreats are designed to take the pulse of a team and its ability to work together.  Within the retreat, a team engages in activities and discussions that will increase commitment, deepen understanding, and envision next steps.  

Healthy teams will work to reinforce skills already present and work on a plan together.  Teams experiencing challenge will put issues on the table and practice emotional intelligence to resolve them.

Choose full day or half day options.

Leadership Team Retreat with ESCI

In order to enable greater teamwork and understanding within a team, this retreat involves each member of the team taking the Korn Ferry Hay ESCI self-assessment (Emotional and Social Competency Inventory).  The results will be used throughout the retreat, which will include experiential work that builds trust and collaboration.

Due to the nature of this retreat, a minimum of 5-6 hours is suggested. Cost will include the fee for the inventories.

Group Training Workshops

One day workshops for continuing education are a great way for organizational leaders to grow in skills and competency.  Across a range of topics from emotional intelligence to developing a strategic plan, group training workshops are designed to assist your leaders in learning and practicing skills which will help your organization.  The workshop will position your organization to move into the future in healthy ways.

Choose from workshops already created, or ask for a specific design.

Costs are usually $100 an hour, which includes preparation time.
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