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I am a pastor, trainer, leader, mother, and encourager.  My mother first saw my gifts at two years old, when I was giving encouragement and care to my great-grandmother, who died shortly thereafter.  For as long as I can remember, I have seen the gifts in other people, and wanted to empower them to be all that God desires for them to be.  I have experience working in churches, religious organizations, nonprofit organizations and educational settings.  My goal is to work with people and organizations that are making a difference in this world.  This includes working in non-religious settings to support children and teens to learn and become the best people they can be.  


I am saddened by how many times I have listened to and worked with people who lack self-confidence and are not aware of their own amazing gifts.  It's not like I don't understand; I still experience this myself.  However, when we don’t recognize what’s inside of us, we are shortchanging the people around us and the organizations we lead.  They are getting only the parts of us that we’re confident about.  Yet it is only in vulnerability and openness that we grow and develop.  It is only as we come to appreciate all the parts of us that we can begin to be the leaders we are truly meant to be.  Likewise, it is only when organizations acknowledge all of their ‘stuff’ that they can create the best path forward.


I am committed to continual learning for myself, and I can look back on several times in my life when I experienced adversity.  God sent me mentors and encouragers each time to be companions for a time in my journey.  With Shalom Consulting, I am paying forward the gifts that have been shared with me.  Whether I work one-on-one with a leader or work with an organization, I commit to give you the very best I have to offer in assisting you to reflect on your situation, your challenges, your gifts, and your opportunities as you plan your next steps.




Ordained 20 years ago, I have served large and small congregations.  

Masters of Divinity

Union Presbyterian Seminary, Richmond, VA


With my education degree, I have taught many different groups and ages, and serve as a substitute teacher on the side.  I speak fairly fluent Spanish, and enjoy teaching both Spanish and other important subjects.

Community Engagement

I have experience serving on the boards of non-profit organizations and community foundations.


Trained in facilitation skills and group dynamics through the Center for Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations Training, I serve as a workshop leader for them.

Masters of Education - Secondary Education

Peabody College, Vanderbilt University

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Additional Focus in Sociology

Vanderbilt University

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