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Power in New Hands

Do you ever feel like you just need some inspiration? That if other people were doing something you could believe in, it would make you more ready to stand up and do the same? Do you sometimes lack imagination on WHAT you could do to actually bring change in the world, to be part of a movement that makes a difference?

Oh what a difference a week makes.

Look at the Ukrainians. How brave, how courageous, how bold they are to defend their country no matter what. They haven't given up, and their leader, President Zelenskyy, is right there with them. He didn't abandon the country but has stayed to fight. The mayor of Kyiv is doing the same. The stories coming out of Ukraine are inspiring, reminiscent of the young David, confident that God would be with him, heading into battle with his slingshot and stones against Goliath. Their cities may be surrounded, Russian artillery may be destroying buildings, but Ukraine has not surrendered. They are inspiring the world to stand with them, to take the power and put it in new hands, supporting democracy!

Don't get me wrong - this battle is far from over. It is part of a larger war that will likely escalate before it abates. What I'm seeing, however, is many people taking the power that they have and using it to effect change, and that brings me hope. Gas companies are taking their investments out of Russia. The European Union forbid Russian planes from entering their air space, and we followed suit. Leaders of other countries are making forceful statements against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. NATO and many others are united in working for peace and against this takeover attempt using all kinds of tools at their disposal. Companies are helping too. Grassroots donations of millions of dollars are joined by commitments from countries for air support, military supplies, and even health care equipment. The world is with Ukraine.

Here at home, we are starting to see what is worse than a divide over masking policies, or immigration, or how to handle elections. What is worse is an out and out war, with the high cost of life and damaged buildings, and hurt spirits. We're starting to see that paying more for gas for a little while isn't that bad in comparison to losing everything you own or even your life. We're starting to remember why we need to work together, and what can be accomplished when each of us does what we can as part of a more united whole.

However, it might have come about, and I have a sneaking suspicion that President Biden has been quietly helpful in this, leaders across the world are uniting in a very strong front, and it is making Putin's path very difficult. It's not stopping him yet, but the world is inspired by Ukraine's resistance, and is getting on board in strong ways. This is how power can be picked up and used for the good. We're looking at it! It's a win for hope!

Where's your power? How are you inspired to use it for good? How can we get past our differences to find new ways to work together? The world just accomplished it, all inspired by a group of people who just want their freedom and are willing to resist invasion to keep it.

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