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What's in My Bible?

Reading the Bible isn't always an easy thing to do!  Lots of us have Bibles - it's the most published book in the entire world, and in the most languages!  On the other hand, most of our Bibles sit on our shelves and gather dust.  Not the use anyone intended, for sure.  

This video series introduces you to the Bible step by step.  What's in it?  What does it mean?  How does it affect me right now?  Is the Bible still relevant today?  From the very first video on the Psalms, I hope to show you how you can connect with the Bible, and how it shows you who God really is, and how God is already in your life.  

Please send me questions, too.  I'll make sure to answer them in an upcoming video!  There are lots of parts of the Bible that need an little extra interpretation - that's what it's important to find the right community and the right pastor to learn from.  Christians are not all alike - I'm of the kind that welcomes and includes everyone because that's exactly what God does.  Christians are to be about pointing the way to God, not pointing fingers.  You'll find a welcoming and inclusive climate here.

The Psalms

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